Gainesville Injunctions Lawyers

There is no getting around the fact that domestic violence is an extremely sensitive subject. The consequences that you could face, however, are too severe for you not to take the matter seriously.

In addition to the consequences for the entry of a final judgment of injunction, the allegations can have an effect on a criminal case, if the allegations from the injunction gave rise to a criminal charge. An injunction can also have drastic consequences involving children in a family law case, including keeping you from being able to enter your own home or spending time with your children.

At Hertz & Kearns in Gainesville, Florida, we understand how an injunction can impact both your criminal and family law cases. We have extensive experience in criminal defense and family law, and we know how to attempt to resolve your injunction in a way that protects all of your interests.

Alachua County Domestic Violence Attorneys Resolving Family Law And Criminal Defense Cases

If you have been accused of domestic violence and a temporary injunction has been taken out against you, it is important to understand the impact this has on both cases. Many criminal defense attorneys will focus only on resolving the criminal charges, whereas family law attorneys tend to focus on the family law matters. If you make statements, those statements can be used against you in both the family law case and the criminal case. Those statements could negatively impact your legal position in both forums.

When criminal charges are involved, divorce and other family law matters always get more complicated. Even if you think this situation can be handled delicately, you need a lawyer on your side to protect your rights.

Do Not Let Your Family Law Matter Fall By The Wayside

Contact our office if you need to learn about how an injunction will affect your criminal and family law cases. At Hertz & Kearns, we have the knowledge required in both practice areas to know what the possible outcomes can be. Call 352-378-2268 to schedule a free consultation. We accept credit cards.