Gainesville Drug Crime Defense Lawyers

When it comes to drug crimes, Florida is an extremely punitive state. Mandatory minimum sentences await for many convictions. With prison, probation and fines on the line, it is important to obtain legal representation before speaking with law enforcement, so your words will not be used against you. We here at Hertz & Kearns know how to fight drug charges, including drug trafficking, manufacturing and possession.

Drug charges could potentially carry mandatory minimum sentences. If you are under investigation or charged with a drug crime, it is essential to have lawyers in your corner who know how to carefully evaluate all of the evidence, including police reports and the law in an effort to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your case.

Alachua County Drug Possession Defense Attorneys Serving UF Students And All Local Residents

Teens and young adults make mistakes, but often they may not be aware of the long-term consequences of those mistakes. If you are a student at the University of Florida in Gainesville facing drug charges, in addition to the criminal consequences of a conviction, you could be suspended or expelled from school, which could affect your ability to obtain a degree. We can also represent you at your administrative hearing at the University. We will make sure that the University is aware of all of the circumstances, not just law enforcement's version. We will fight to minimize the negative effects on you at school.

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If you are facing drug charges, contact our office to speak with an experienced team of drug crime defense attorneys in Gainesville. We will give you practical legal advice that seeks to protect your interests. Call us at 352-378-2268 to schedule a free consultation. We accept credit cards.